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WMS Experience

 4SIGHT is a premiere leader when it comes to WMS experience. 
 WMS Vendors worked with include: Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, JDA/RedPrairie, Infor, Sterling, Oracle, SAP E-WM, CDC Software, Aldata, Retalix, HK Systems, Swisslog, Click Commerce, Made4Net, QSSI, FoxFire, NextView, Cadre, Accelos, Knighted 
TMS Experience

 In Transportation 4SIGHT has experience with Transportation Analysis, Modal Selection, and Carrier Evaluations. We've also helped on numerous TMS implementations and worked with the Vendors listed below. 
 TMS vendors worked with include:
i2, JDA-Manu, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, JDA/RedPrairie, Descartes, Logility, Transplace, Lean Logistics, McCloud, TMW, ONE Network Experience, Mercury Gate, QAD.
Other SCE Experience

 4SIGHT has also worked with other Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Software applications some of which include: 
 OMS: Sterling Commerce, Amdocs, Manhattan Associates, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Epicor, OrderWare. 
 BPM Software: AG WebMethods, Tibco, Vitria, Cordys, MS BizTalk Server, Sterling Commerce, Oracle. 
 LMS Software: JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan, Infor, HighJump, NextView, CDC Software, Ivengo. 

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  Warehousing menu item Warehousing   Warehouse management, inventory control and labor management provide the biggest gains in operational efficiencies and cost-reduction initiatives. The utilization of best practices to effectively manage those three key areas of your operation will dramatically affect your bottom line.
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  Consumer Goods menu item Consumer Goods   Warehouse Management:
  Manufacturing menu item Manufacturing  
  High Tech menu item High-Tech   Most often, companies think of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) when planning their strategy for warehouse optimization. Initially, these systems were designed to control the storage and movement of inventory. Over the years, however, WMS technology has matured and applications have become much more robust; expanding their functionality to include order management, picking, receiving, shipping, put away, slotting, and reporting tools. WMS solutions offer significant benefits, but finding the “right” solution and configuring it to your unique operation can be extremely challenging.
  Wholesale menu item Wholesale  
Some best-of-breed WMS solutions our logistics consultants have implemented include JDA/RedPrairie DLx, Manhattan WMOS, Manhattan ILS, Manhattan iSeries, HighJump Warehouse Advantage, Infor WM4000, Made4Net's Warehouse Expert and many more.

      In addition to a WMS, there are other areas where considerable improvements can be made to further optimize your operation, such as: maximizing warehouse space utilization, designing the most efficient pick path, employing good housekeeping and safety initiatives, purchasing efficient equipment - pallet jacks, material handling systems, forklifts, conveyor systems, etc. - and providing proper equipment maintenance, ensuring employees have the basic tools to perform their jobs effectively, and more.

Inventory Control:

There are several ways to attain control over your inventory while substantially reducing costs.  Analyzing your SKU velocity to identify the fast and slow movers and designing an efficient pick path, or slotting, will ensure your operation is making the most of valuable real estate.  Consider liquidating or donating those items where little-to-no profit can be realized.  Cycle counting, Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN), cross docking, and directed put away and replenishment are other ways to augment inventory control.

Labor Management:

Effective labor management will help you achieve peak performance in your warehouse operation while realizing the full potential of your workforce.  A Labor Management System (LMS) measures productivity based on predefined best practices and key performance indicators (KPI's).  It's a very effective tool that can help identify bottlenecks and obstacles, unproductive use of time, the need for further training and diminishing performance levels.  As with any solution, an LMS needs to be configured to your unique warehouse operation in order to provide the biggest bang for your buck.

4SIGHT’s expert team of Supply Chain Consultants provides end-to-end project support dedicated to fulfilling your unique warehousing needs. Our team has assisted clients in the following areas of the warehousing industry:

      WMS Evaluation & Selection WMS Implementation
      .. Operations Assessment .. Order Fulfillment Methodologies..................
      Slotting/Inventory Analysis Inventory Management
      MHE Assessment and Integration Training
      Labor Management Engineered Standards
      Distribution Center Expansion Distribution Center Consolidation
      Facility Layout Recommendations........ Pay-for-Performance Programs
      Contact 4SIGHT to learn more on how we can help you with your Supply Chain needs.
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