Locus Robotics

Leveraging years of direct warehouse operations experience and deep firsthand knowledge of warehouse robotics, Locus has engineered a totally new approach to mission critical fulfillment operations. The Locus platform delivers greater throughput, reduced costs and unparalleled flexibility in moving inventory and orders through a fulfillment center. This efficiency and flexibility in turn allow operators to keep up with the increasingly complex demands of channel partners and consumers.


4SIGHT recognizes robotics technology can help address today’s distribution challenges including rising labor costs and workforce availability. 4SIGHT and will leverage Locus' turnkey technology to bring supply chain innovation and warehouse automation to our clients and partners while avoiding heavy capital investments for traditional material handling solutions.

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4SIGHT is a recognized leader in the fulfillment automation space, and they have demonstrated the vision to recognize the value of collaborative robotics. Their expertise helps us deliver a timely and seamless deployment experience to our customers, and I’m looking forward to working with 4SIGHT as we continue to grow.
Rick Faulk
Locus Robotics