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4SIGHT Latest News

 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Named 2015 Fastest Growing Firm by Consulting Magazine. 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Appoints New Marketing Director. 
 Manhattan Associates Veteran Joins 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group to Guide Expanding Practice. 
 4SIGHT Named 2015 Great Supply Chain Partner Award Winner by SupplyChainBrain. 
 Leaders of 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Named 2015 Pros To Know by Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine. 
 4SIGHT Named to 2014 FL100 by Food Logistics Magazine. 
 4SIGHT Provides Manhattan Associates Supply Chain Software Implementation Services for CORT. 
 4SIGHT Delivers Distribution Center Optimization for School Health Corporation. 
 4SIGHT Supports Dot Foods Through Successful Supply Chain Software Implementations. 
 4SIGHT Named to Inc. 5000 List of America‚Äôs Fastest Growing Private Companies. 
 SupplyChainBrain Names 4SIGHT as 2014 Great Supply Chain Partner. 
 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Names 4SIGHT as Top 100 Award Winner for the fourth consecutive year. 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Expands JDA Software Implementation Practice. 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Strenghtens Leadership & Client Delivery Teams. 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Hires Industry Veteran to Lead Transportation Practice. 
 4SIGHT Named to 2013 FL100 by Food Logistics Magazine. 
 4SIGHT Propels Mercury Marine Through Warehouse Management System Selection. 
 4SIGHT sponsoring at the Manhattan Associates Shipper/Carrier Exchange 2013 event on Sep 30th and Oct 1st in Indianapolis, IN. 
 4SIGHT named 2013 Great Supply Chain Partner Award Winner by SupplyChainBrain. 
 John Blanchard's presentation on Optimizing Inbound Transportation at the Manhattan Associates User Conference draws the largest audience of all partner seminars at the event! 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group announces Operational Excellence Practice. 
 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group Receives Supply & Demand Chain Executive Top 100 Award. 
 Manhattan Associates names 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group as a Top Partner. 
 Labor Management Systems expert Brian Ehlenberg joins 4SIGHT. 
 4SIGHT achieves record number of clients in third quarter 2012. 
 Five keys when picking the right integrator. interviewing Frank Camean. 
 4SIGHT recognized by SupplyChainBrain as 2012 Great Supply Chain Partner. 
 4SIGHT helps AbleNet Inc with strategic Supply Chain initiatives. 
WMS Experience

 4SIGHT is a premiere leader when it comes to WMS experience. 
 WMS Vendors worked with include: Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, JDA/RedPrairie, Infor, Sterling, Oracle, SAP E-WM, CDC Software, Aldata, Retalix, HK Systems, Swisslog, Click Commerce, Made4Net, QSSI, FoxFire, NextView, Cadre, Accelos, Knighted 
TMS Experience

 In Transportation 4SIGHT has experience with Transportation Analysis, Modal Selection, and Carrier Evaluations. We've also helped on numerous TMS implementations and worked with the Vendors listed below. 
 TMS vendors worked with include:
i2, JDA-Manu, Oracle, Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, JDA/RedPrairie, Descartes, Logility, Transplace, Lean Logistics, McCloud, TMW, ONE Network Experience, Mercury Gate, QAD.
Other SCE Experience

 4SIGHT has also worked with other Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Software applications some of which include: 
 OMS: Sterling Commerce, Amdocs, Manhattan Associates, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Epicor, OrderWare. 
 BPM Software: AG WebMethods, Tibco, Vitria, Cordys, MS BizTalk Server, Sterling Commerce, Oracle. 
 LMS Software: JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan, Infor, HighJump, NextView, CDC Software, Ivengo. 

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Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

  Implementation Services..   Consulting Services at 4SIGHT are broken up into two (2) categories: Strategic Consulting and Tactical Consulting. Strategic Consulting are those services that focus on planning concepts for the mid-term and long-term benefits of your organization. They focus more on strategy and how to drive long-term savings. Examples of Strategic Consulting are Logistics Network Optimization and Inventory Analysis. Tactical Consulting are those services that focus on immediate benefits that can be recognized in the short-term. They have less long-term significance than Strategic Consulting, but they can help drive savings into your Operations right away and for immediate project needs. Examples of Tactical Consulting are Operations Assessments and RFP Development. Below is a list of Consulting Services offered by 4SIGHT.
... Consulting Services ...
  Integration Services  
  Documentation Services  
  Management Services  
  Training Services  
      Strategic Consulting
      Strategy by definition is the art of devising or employing plans towards a goal. A careful plan, or method, that if executed properly will achieve the desired result. How can I achieve significant cost savings in my global Supply Chain? Can I expand my retail business to become international, and what does that entail? Can I consolidate my 75 Distribution Centers into 50 DC's? And of those 75, which DC's should shut down and which should stay open? What inventory should each DC carry? What goods should each manufacturing plant produce, or should they all produce everything, for everyone? Is there a cost justification to me buying a new Warehouse Management System? Should I look into outside storage and Third Party Logistics providers to help run my business?
      The answers to these questions are not simple, straight forward answers especially in today's economic conditions and ever changing business environment. 4SIGHT's Strategic Consultants are called upon by clients to answer these types of questions and they deliver. Below is a list of Strategic Consulting Services offered by 4SIGHT:
      Logistics Network Optimization Network Item Stocking Strategies
      Business Case Development Transportation Analysis, Carrier Evaluation
      3PL / Direct Warehouse Analysis Cost and Service Benchmarking
      Inventory & Order Cycle Analysis Trading Partner Collaboration
      Implementation RoadMap    
      Tactical Consulting
      By definition, tactical is related to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose, that are made or carried out with an "immediate" end in view. How can I improve my Operations today to get better customer service levels? What are some of the best practices being used by others in my industry today? Can I improve the productivity of my workforce today through engineered standards? What is the process for evaluating and selecting a software provider that can meet the demands of my business? How do I layout and design my new storage facility the most optimal way and what material handling equipment should i use?
      The answers to these questions focus on how you can benefit today, or in the short-term. 4SIGHT's Tactical Consultants bring industry experience and specific expertise to help solve "your" specific problems. Below is a list of Tactical Consulting Services offered by 4SIGHT:
      Operations Assessment Facility Layout & Design
      RFP Development Software Evaluation / Selection
      Slotting Analysis Labor Standards Engineering Services
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