Feb 6, 2020

The Far-Reaching Impact of e-Commerce
The fundamental shift happening in the fulfillment landscape has become a big concern. In fact, a lot has been published in the past five years about the rapid changes happening due to the ever-increasing acceptance of e-commerce. These include heightened expectations for faster turnaround times and shorter delivery windows, as well...

Sep 19, 2019

The convenience of two-day shipping from online retailers like Amazon has created a boom in online purchasing. Over the last two years, online retail has surged by more than 30%. In this new quick-to-order-quick-to-receive environment, warehouse supply chain efficiencies can suffer. One way this...

Jul 24, 2019

Ten years ago, many supply chain experts believed that the market for warehouse management systems (WMS) was rapidly contracting and substantially lower revenues would cripple the vendor community. Instead, the major players in this space are experiencing record years and a large number of other WMS companies emerged to fill market niches.