Mar 5, 2020

A Revelation in the Cereal Aisle
As I was grabbing a few groceries the other day, I noticed a fellow shopper scanning and putting items into his cart. But then I realized it wasn’t a fellow shopper at all—it was a store employee picking a grocery order for an online customer.

Feb 6, 2020

The Far-Reaching Impact of e-Commerce
The fundamental shift happening in the fulfillment landscape has become a big concern. In fact, a lot has been published in the past five years about the rapid changes happening due to the ever-increasing acceptance of e-commerce. These include heightened expectations for faster turnaround times and shorter delivery windows, as well...

Sep 19, 2019

The convenience of two-day shipping from online retailers like Amazon has created a boom in online purchasing. Over the last two years, online retail has surged by more than 30%. In this new quick-to-order-quick-to-receive environment, warehouse supply chain efficiencies can suffer. One way this...