Implementation RoadMap

In order to effectively tackle an omni-channel implementation, detailed planning sessions need to take place to identify WHAT is the work for the initiative, WHO is going to do the work, WHEN is the work going to get done, and HOW is the work going to get done. All of this is, and the WHY, is addressed with the deployment of a fully integrated Omni-Channel Implementation RoadMap.

The Omni-Channel Implementation RoadMap is a series of tangible deliverables that will define the implementation requirements associated with the deployment of omni-channel software. It establishes a clear picture of the Total Cost of Deployment (TCD) for the project by identifying all resource requirements and levels of commitment (schedule and budget) from all parties involved in order to deploy the solution. The Omni-Channel Implementation RoadMap allows you to:

  • Monitor, manage and plan the execution required to ensure the project’s success.
  • Leverage a methodology and documentation that will drive the deployment of a successful project.
  • Understand the resource requirements for executing a successful startup.
  • Documents those activities that need to be executed by vendors, third parties and various departments within your organization.
  • Defines the project organizational structure and the lines of communication.
  • Sets realistic expectations. Provides individual accountability and facilitates solid scheduling.
The Implementation RoadMap helps solve the problems up-front, by outlining the initial steps required to successfully deploy the omni-channel solution(s). The Implementation RoadMap will consist of multiple deliverables, focusing primarily on implementation and resource project plans. Each deliverable builds from a set of requirements identified during the Omni-Channel RoadMap development process.

A few of the most widely held reasons as to why omni-channel projects fail are a result of:

  • Poor Planning and False Expectations
  • NO Vision of Where the Project is Heading
  • NO Standard Implementation Methodology
  • Inexperience, or Lack Thereof
  • Inability to Effectively Deploy the use of a Project Plan
  • NO Executive Involvement
  • Lack of Leadership Ability from the Program/Project Manager
  • Poor Deployment Strategy - Not understanding your customers
  • Poor Communication between Cross-Functional Areas Directly Impacted by the Project
  • Avoiding Risk Instead of Addressing It - Inability to Micro-Manage High Risk Areas
  • Poor Project Organization, not knowing your organization
  • Not adapting your financial metrics, incentives, and compensation programs accordingly.

At 4SIGHT, we work with you in the early stages of an omni-channel’s project life cycle to develop an integrated Implementation RoadMap. The Roadmap documents those activities that need to be executed by software vendors, third party consultants and integrators, and the various departments within your own organization. It defines the project organizational structure and the lines of communication. It sets realistic expectations, provides individual accountability and facilitates solid budgeting. The Implementation Roadmap is a blueprint with the tools needed to closely monitor and manage toward a successful omni-channel implementation. The time spent building an Omni-Channel Implementation RoadMap and then executing against it will save you time, money and frustration. No project should move forward without one!

At the conclusion of the Omni-Channel Implementation RoadMap you will increase your confidence level for a successful implementation and you will have a vision of where your project is heading, guaranteed!

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