TMS Evaluation and Selection

Once a business case justifies the return on investment (ROI) of a Transportation Management System, an evaluation and selection process begins.

4SIGHT has a proven nine (9) step methodology in performing TMS Evaluation/Selection projects to identify which software vendors are well positioned to meet Shipper requirements.

This methodology has proven to be effective in all of our software Evaluation/Selection projects, not just TMS. It’s a methodology that all the leading software providers are accustomed to. This methodology quickly enables a Shipper to identify which vendors are well positioned to meet specific requirements. This process, through a process of elimination, will quickly eliminate those vendors not suited for the Shipper’s needs.

Supply Chain Transportation Management System

Below is the outline of our 9-Step approach:

  1. Define Requirements
  2. Prepare & Issue RFP
  3. Conduct Vendor Q & A Session
  4. Review Proposals from Vendors
  5. Conduct Scripted Demos
  6. Reference Checks
  7. Visits to Reference Sites
  8. Visits to Vendor Headquarters
  9. Vendor Selection & Negotiation

During this process we will define the TMS functional, technical, and commercial requirements, create a Request for Proposal (RFP), create demo scripts and assist in the selection of the vendor and system that best meets your needs.