Welcome to Sections

Using sections is an easy and visual way to manage content on your website. Choose the type of selection you would like to add, fill in your content, and you're good to go!

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Here is the Case Study section. This provides room for some introductory text, and two images. You can include a logo and a graph, or any two images that are appropriate for the context.
Supply Chain Arrow
"This is the Quote section. Here's a quote by a happy customer. Remember to include quotation marks!"
Author Name, Company. You can add a
line break too if you like.

This section is aptly named "2 Columns with Image and Text"

There is an option to include an image class (for back end purposes) and link. Both are optional.

This image is a link. In the CMS, notice that the link is relative to the site root.

This is a 2-column box. It is similar to the section above, minus the images.
Here's some more text to balance it out.

This is a "Big List."

Here's a subtitle. Both the title and subtitle are optional - if we want, we can add one, or the other, or both, or neither. Whatever suits the content best.

  • We've selected the "accordion" option, which means that if we click on a list item...
    • Then child list items will appear below.
  • When the accordion item is selected...
    • ...all parent list items will appear in all caps. Child list items remain in normal sentence case.

Here's another Big List. Just the title this time.

  • In this list, we've opted not to make an accordion.
  • Notice how it looks a little different...
  • All by unchecking a box!

Here is another Plain Text section

We're using this to introduce the Download File section below. All you need to do is upload a PDF, and a button is automatically generated.

Client Testimonial

This is a Text with Testimonial section. We can add a client testimonial here and a link to a page.
We can also add some context here if we want.
This is a text with image on the left. It's similar to the two column images and text...with half the amount of images and text. We can add a link if we want.
Supply Chain Food Logistics
And here is a text with an image on the right. In this case, we do not have an option to add a link.
Finally, here is a video.